Career FAQ


What professions do you hire?

Helping Hands Healthcare hires nurses and personal support workers for their
temporary work assignments as well as administrative staff to work in the office.
Helping Hands welcomes the following professional to apply for jobs with Helping

  • Specialty Registered Nurses with experience in critical care (ICU, CVICU, CCU), NICU, Emergency, and Post-Anesthetic units
  • Registered Nurses with experience in Medical/ Surgical, Rehabilitation, Surgery, Complex Continuing Care (CCC), Mental Health, Maternal Child Care, Paediatrics, and Obstetrics units
  • Registered Practical Nurses with experience in Medical/ Surgical, Complex Continuing Care, Rehabilitation, and Mental Health units
  • Personal Support Workers with experience in personal care and constant care
  • Office Administrators and Staffing Coordinators

What does “elect-to-work” arrangement mean?

“Elect-to-work” is one of the greatest benefits of working with Helping Hands Healthcare. It means that you work whenever you want to work! No pressure on our side.
You may want to work on weekends, weekdays, days, evening, nights… It is your

What do I need to do get hired?

First, you have to apply for a position with Helping Hands by sending your resume. You
can fax your resume, apply on our website or email it to us. The resume will be then
reviewed by our Human Resources Manager who will assess if you meet requirements of
the position you are applying for. If you pass the screening stage, we will contact you and
invite you for an interview. During the interview you will be asked to fill out all the
necessary application forms and submit copies of your credentials. You will meet with
our Director of Nursing who will assess if you are good fit to our Organization. After
your credentials and references are checked, you will be contacted with our final decision
in regards to your application. During the process we will be deciding which units you
would work at so that your experience and qualifications match our clients’ requirements
as well as you will be asked which hospital facilities you would like to work in. So again,
it is your decision which facilities you would like to be sent to for your work

How can I start working?

It can be stressful to start a new job. We try to make sure this transition is as smooth as
possible. We will send you for orientation at the units you would be working at so you
can become familiar with your new work environments. You will be asked to have your
availability updated so that our staffing coordinators can contact you right away when
they receive requests for shifts.

Will I be provided with educational opportunities?

We always look for new educational opportunities which may be of interest to our
employees. Whether these are on-line educational training sessions, webinars,
educational opportunities or self-learning packages, we always keep you informed and
up-to-date. Helping Hands, in cooperation with its clients organizes paid orientation
sessions so that the new employees can become familiar with their work environments.

Who should I contact if I have work-related questions during my shift at the Helping
Hands’ client’s facility?

Your first person to talk to is a charge nurse. Then immediately you call Helping Hands.
Remember, we are your Employer and we are here to answer all of your questions, no
matter when. We are here 24 hours a day so please, do not hesitate to let us know what
bothers you.