Home Health Support Services

Our Services

If you are a private client you may be looking for assistance if you need:

  1. Post-Operative Care:
  2. Our nurses and personal support workers will provide you with individualized care after your surgery. It may include: assisting with personal care and daily living activities, monitoring for post-operative complications, administering medication, changing dressing etc.

  3. Rehabilitation Care:
  4. Our knowledgeable and trained caregivers are experienced in working with patients who had a stroke, brain injury or other trauma which requires rehabilitation. Your individualized care may include: assistance with the transition from hospital to home; assistance with personal care and daily living activities; physical therapy such as range of movement and exercise programs; enhancing behaviour modification programs.

  5. Palliative Care:
  6. We are a compassionate organization which supports its clients and their families in difficult times when palliative care is needed. Our caregivers available 24 hours/ day will help you with pain management, will support you in your decisions and end stage disease management, will consult with physicians and other palliative care professionals when needed.

  7. Paediatrics Care:
  8. Helping Hands will assist new parents and other family members when carrying for infants and children requiring medical attention. Our nurses and personal support workers will provide your little one with paediatrics care if they were diagnosed with bacterial/ viral infections, neurological disorders, cancer, blood disorders, developmental disabilities, cardiac conditions etc.

  9. Maternal Care:
  10. We are here to provide you with pre- and post-natal care. Our trained pre- and post-natal caregivers understand the needs of a mother and a child when they start their lives together.

  11. Mental Health Care:
  12. Helping Hands will provide you with staff possessing special skills, training and personality in order to care for individuals with mental health disorders. They have experience in: crisis stabilization, respite care, psychogeriatrics, suicide watches, etc.

  13. Homemaking:
  14. Everyday household duties can be hectic and difficult to perform when you are not in the best health condition. Also, most seniors would rather stay at home that look for assisted accommodation. Our personal support workers, under Registered Nurse’s supervision will perform duties such as light housekeeping, shopping, preparing nutritious meals, doing laundry etc.

For more information how we can assist you and to discuss other home health support
services that Helping Hands offers please call us at (905) 285-0202.

What to Expect

After you choose Helping Hands as your Agency, we will send you an Agreement for
Services which you will have to sign and return to the office. Then, you will be
introduced to our staffing coordinators and become familiar with the booking procedure.
Based on your requirements, we will offer you staff whose qualifications match your care

Choosing Helping Hands Healthcare

There may be situations when you are declined financial coverage for health care
support service when you or your close one is being released home from a health care
facility. That is when you can count on Helping Hands Healthcare. With our
competitive rates and highly-qualified staff you will be sure that you are in good hands.