Meet Our Educators


Angela Kirlew


Helping Hands Healthcare
Nurse Educator

Research and Teaching Interests: Angela Kirlew has over 16 years of leadership experience in a variety of hospital settings, with a strong Geriatric and Emergency Department skill set. She is presently working on her completion of the Masters of Nursing/Nurse Practitioner program, with a family health focus.

She has over 12 years of nurse education/preceptorship experience. Angela has worked in many teaching hospitals for over 14 years, and is very familiar with policies and procedures as well as staff orientation and training modalities. She functions well in multidisciplinary team environments. Angela is very knowledgeable in the College of Nursing Best Practices and Accreditation standards.

Angela has also coordinated clinical rehabilitation research for over 7 years. She has assisted in the creation and maintenance of the Geriatric Assessment Clinic at the Credit Valley Hospital, as a Clinical Nurse Consultant; in which she has written an approved grant proposal for funding from the government for this nursing role.

Angela is energetic in her approach, and enjoys health teaching to staff and patient/families.


Yuliya Tomilovska


Helping Hands Healthcare
Nurse Educator

Yuliya has over 8 years of critical care experience across different organizations. She maintains her staff position at UHN ICU, while providing agency services across GTA. She is an expert ICU RN (Benner, 1982) as she maintains her CNA critical care certification.

As a current co-chair of Unit Council for two consecutive annual terms in CICU at UHN, Yuliya plays an active role in several quality improvement initiatives at TGH. She has significant experience in critically appraising and analyzing bedside care and team building around innovative approaches. She collaborates with various levels of management on policy and procedure refinement.

Yuliya also was the Nursing Team Lead for Rest in Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (TGH) initiative, working to improve sleep oriented practices to prevent and manage delirium in cardiac surgery patient population in 2014 to 2015 across 4 wards. Her team has gained significant results in reshaping bedside practices related to non-pharmacological triggers of delirium. Yuliya later disseminated important findings of the initiative by presenting at Nursing Forum for UHN.

Important to highlight that Yuliya worked with First Nations and Inuit people on Aboriginal reservations in Northern Ontario in 2012 to 2013. She has invested personal time and resources gaining needed nursing skills and certifications to provide clinic and emergency care to Aboriginal communities at increased scope around the clock.

As to her latest interests, Yuliya joined RNAO Practice Committee this summer to play an active role in shaping nursing community.