To provide nursing care by a team of professionals with a commitment to safety and health promotion


To become the premier health care staffing organization providing hospitals and the community with professional, cost effective and high quality nursing service and personal suppot workers promoting health and safety.

Helping Hands Code of Ethics

An ethical framework for Helping Hands Healthcare has been developed, comprising three principles:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability.

To maintain the trust of the organization, the Code of Ethics requires you to behave with integrity, show respect and be accountable. These underpinning principles are defined as follows.


  • Serve the organization in accordance with the direction of the governing body of the organization, without fear of reproach, by providing impartial, professional service and advice that is frank and apolitical.
  • Act honestly when performing your duties.
  • Ensure you declare and appropriately manage interests that may conflict with the way you carry out your duties.
  • Do not accept gifts, benefits or favors that may influence or be reasonably seen to influence your decision making.
  • Prevent nepotism and patronage.
  • Ensure all selection decisions are based on a proper assessment of merit.
  • Ensure employment or remunerative work outside the organization is appropriate and, where necessary, approved by a Manager or, if required, by the Director of Nursing.
  • Conduct yourself in public in a manner that will not reflect adversely on the organization, its clients or other colleagues.


  • Treat the organization and other employees with respect and courtesy, having regard for the dignity of the people with whom you interact.
  • Recognize the importance of people through training and ongoing development.
  • Promote equity, and value and utilize diversity in the work environment and in the community.
  • Prevent unlawful discrimination against employees or persons seeking employment in the public sector. You must ensure that no form of unjustifiable discrimination is exercised against employees or persons seeking employment within organization.
  • Take reasonable care to ensure your own health and safety at work and avoid adversely affecting the health and safety of others.
  • Prevent bullying or other forms of harassment in or outside the workplace.


  • Utilize and manage people and the resources, information and authority at your disposal in an efficient, responsible and justifiable manner through implementation of risk management standards and practices.
  • Ensure decisions have regard for the well-being of people and the environment, both now and for the future.
  • Ensure all decisions are fair and made without excessive formality.
  • Ensure all decisions are transparent and in keeping with confidentiality requirements.
  • Provide responsive, timely, effective and efficient services to the client and organization.
  • Deal with information gained through your work in accordance with the organization’s directions and guidelines.
  • Observe all requirements, policies, procedures, and lawful and reasonable instructions from people with authority to give such instructions.
  • Endeavor to ensure you, and those for whom you are responsible, perform well in order to meet or exceed performance standards and other organizational requirements.
  • Ensure accountability throughout the organization by reporting inappropriate conduct to the appropriate authority where that conduct might reasonably be considered to be a breach of the policy.