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Our Tests

COVID-19 Screening with H3 Medical’s FDA Approved Rapid Test.

H3 Medical’s Virus Screening Tests are all FDA approved and take under 10 minutes to provide you with your results. The tests work by pricking your finger and using 2 drops of blood (similar to a blood sugar test) to determine whether or not you have the specific blood markers that indicate if you have a Virus or Bacteria.

Our tests can identify the appropriate markers that determine whether or not you have the following infections or viruses: COVID-19 & Influenza


Our Customers

Decrease Exposure Potential for your Children, Parents and Grandparents.

Our tests offer the same level of accuracy on tests administered to children as young as 2 years old all the way to elderly patients. This form of testing is significantly less invasive than the traditional COVID-19 swab tests being administered at assessment centres and offer more comfort for our clients.

Our at home testing model makes it easy to ensure that your children, parents and loved ones are getting the best testing treatment while keeping their exposure to viruses, including COVID-19 as limited as possible

Our Nurses

Registered Nurses & Registered Practical Nurses Ready to Help.

H3 Medical suite of certified nurses and healthcare professionals ready to visit you at home and administer a non invasive and safe virus screening test. H3 Medical is a derivative of Helping Hands Healthcare, Southern Ontario’s leading Healthcare Staffing Agency servicing over 50 Hospital Partners and Private Care Patients.

Our nurses are thoroughly trained and have years of professional experience in the Healthcare industry. The nurses who visit you at home have the same credentials and professionalism as the nurses who take care of you in the hospital.

Our Process

Simple, Efficient, Effective and Most Importantly, On Your Schedule.

Our number one priority is your health. Helping Hands Healthcare and H3 Medical’s values surround offering exceptional healthcare and specifically tailored medical services and solutions, designed to focus on your health.

Our already existing staff of nurses are available to come to your home and administer a safe and reliable test at your convenience. We work hard to make sure we have as many nurses on staff as possible, available to help you and your loved ones.

Our Clients

We work with a variety of different individuals, small organizations and large scale businesses or activations, ensuring that each and every member of your group is properly tested by one of our professional and certified nurses.