Why Us?

What sets us apart?

Our Clients love working with Helping Hands Healthcare. Why? Maybe because:

  • They can always count on reliable, highly qualified staff of Helping Hands working at their facilities;
  • They know that our credentialing process is strict and thorough;
  • They are aware that Helping Hands will hire only competent and skilled workers;
  • They are always satisfied with our response time;
  • They know that they will speak with a live person no matter when they call;
  • Our nurses and personal support workers stay with Helping Hands for years as we have attractive retention programs;
  • We work with our clients in order to make sure that our staff is well-oriented to work at their facilities;
  • We keep track of constantly evolving health care standards and provide educational opportunities so that our staff can stay on top of what is happening in the health care industry;
  • We are accredited, meaning we meet the highest standards of excellence;
  • Our staffing coordinators will always be able to find temporary relief staff when needed;


How we help you

Health care facilities we service praise us for our ability to fulfill their last-minute requests as well as to cover long-term staffing needs. We became a valued partner who can gather together staff on a short-term notice and in this way, to contribute to a better patient care. We are known for our fast response to staffing requests and reliability of our staff. Working with Helping Hands has another advantage: health care facilities do not have to worry about paying overtime to their staff as we are able to offer-cost effective alternative: staff with flexible work schedules.

Our staff are experienced and specialized health care providers who can work in different clinical environments:

  • Specialty Registered Nurses working at critical care (ICU, CVICU, CCU), NICU, Emergency, etc.
  • Registered Nurses working at Medicine, Rehabilitation, Surgery, Complex Continuing Care (CCC), Mental Health, Paediatrics, Obstetrics, etc.
  • Registered Practical Nurses available to assist nursing teams
  • Personal Support Workers who love to assist you in personal care and constant care.

While having Helping Hands Healthcare as your partner not only will you reduce your overtime costs, but will also save on recruitment practices and retention programs. We will provide you with relief help when you are in a middle of a special project or in an emergency situation. Whenever and whatever your needs us, be assured we will meet them.